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So I suck at blogging. This post makes up for like a week though, so I'm still pretty awesome.


We've been up to quite alot, now that Aarne has been eating some medications. Liiiike.. We had restaurant sauce:


And we've been to Disney Sea, third time isn't as magical as first time, but they had some new stuff that I at least really liked, like a room where you could rotate planets around, da Vinci's flippin flying machine, and some other kewl stuff.






Last week when I was on my way to Harajuku to waste some money on some stupid crap and trying to spot some freaks I randomly stumbled upon a celebration of Earth Day (yeah, I had no idea there was such a thing as Earth Day), and to my surprise, I was provided with some live music. Huge group of artists, all ladies apart from one scrawny looking dude played some awesome drums! I think the name of the group was Tawoo, or something like that. Well worth looking into if I actually managed to get the name right.



And we've been to the zoo, the only tolerable one that we know of, Ueno Zoo. It's part exciting, part devastating, and this time it brought out the worst in me. I hate people. I hate people and their kids. Especially if they let their kids, babies, toddlers, spawns of evil, whatever, clap to get the animals attention, knock on the flippin windows or randomly rub up against me. I'm not a scratching pole, get away from me. Taking your kids to the zoo could be an opportunity to teach them a little something about animals, which is cool, and it could also be an opportunity to teach them a bit about respecting other humans as well. It seems like some Japanese, I don't want to generalize, have a fucked up view when it comes to animals. Fluffy and cute = good, not so cute = bad. Kids trying to stomp pigeons is fucking retarded, pardon my French. Any human trying to stomp any sort of animal is fucking retarded. Anyway, we weren't there for too long, because I'm a grumpy old lady and I wanted to see them all getting their faces ripped off by the tiger they were annoying.

... Or end up as dinner for this glorious dudeface

Today there was a Gay Pride thing going on around Shibuya and Harajuku, and proud they were. For reals. And they should be, but should they dress up like Pokémons? I dunno, but it was funny.


And today is my birthday, yay me. I'm celebrating like I should; drinking whisky from a convenience store in our hotel room like a fucking boss.
Aging can't possibly be fun for anyone.

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Watch out for upskirting!!

We haven't really done a whole lot that would be entertaining to read about this week.. It's mostly been shopping in Odaiba, and a couple of trips around Harajuku and Akihabara. We're still ill, now Aarne more so than me, but at least now we've got a humidifier in the room so the airconditioning shouldn't be much of a problem anymore.

We've monorailed to Odabia a couple of times:

We've stumbled upon the pinkest place on Earth there:
If you're ever in need of a pink Hello Kitty floor mop, humidifier, trash can or whatever, this is deffo the place to go (Venus Fort, Kawaii Paradise, Odaiba)

We went to the beach.. If you can call it that!

In Ueno we went to what is now my favourite place in the world, the National Museum of Nature and Science.. It's big and shiny! And it had so many dinos displayed in it. I like dinos. They also had rows and rows of thousands of different species of plants, insects, fungi..




I am excited to the point of retardation about the dinofaces and prehistoricfaces:




Dinosaurs, Pokemons, Pokesaurs, Dinomons..



Eat pandaface?

While I sat in a weird bar/cafe/museum/restaurant type establishment with a short fat Japanese guy and a drunk old man that sat there "every day, all day", Aarne went around the motorcycle district. He should've gotten one of these:
Totally badass tattoo sleeves from a totally badass motorcycle gear store for totally badass bikers. Or something.

We haven't done a whole lot more, really, and today Aarne is taking a day off because he is ill. I will take a trip to Harajuku, since it's pretty much walking distance from where we are staying.
I did however get my birthday present from Aarne! It's a few days early, but who gives a shit when it's the most awesomest gift ever!
Happy 24th to me! Soonish.

Limited edition Super Mario bros. Converse, exclusive to Japan as far I know. I wanted the 25 yr anniversary ones that were being produced last year, again only in Japan. Imagine my surprise when we saw these, and they're even cooler than the previous ones! <3

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Slow start

We've had a rather slow start this time around. This is mostly due to the fact that we slept next to nothing on the flight over here, so we've been sleeping at weird times, and I am sick with a cold, or the flu, or whatever this is. There's alot of goo anyway.

Despite our little troubles we have gone and done some stuff.
We're staying in Shibuya this time, and not really leaving Tokyo at all apart from for a couple of day-trips.
We've been walking around Harajuku and Shibuya, hoping to catch some of the last pretty cherry blossoms, and luckily we did. Third time's a charm apparently.



Shibuya, where we're staying, is a pretty fancypants place with loads of fancypants store I'd never buy anything from, but there seems to also be a trend around Tokyo to just take random words in Finnish in a random order to create a name for a store.. This time, like every time, we found a new one.


Then today we went back to Odaiba, to Miraikan, the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation. We were asked some difficult questions, and lol'ed at the creative answers of some:

'What brings the most anxiety in your life?'
And then we realized we shouldn't have laughed so hard, after seeing this:

Some wooden seigmenn were ill and sad

After a nice dinner and poking around, we got to see Odaiba at night, which is always nice..

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